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Welcome to my ePortfolio where I share my reflections on my development of the philosophy behind music pedagogy in my first semester of studying the Bachelor of Music (Music Education) at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. 

My name is Jacinta Phoebe Gunawan and I am studying a music education degree at the University of Sydney. Throughout my life, I’ve had such a great passion and interest in music. I had quite a musical upbringing, the first instrument I learnt was guitar at the age of 7 then picked up piano and violin quickly after that I started singing when I was 8 years old. Since then I’ve built my love for music and expressed it through tutoring a few friends and family in singing, song releases on music platforms, singing videos posted on the media and performances at festivals, concerts, competitions, cafes and school special occasions. At a young age, I perceived that music was a big part of my life since I found much joy and excitement in performing and taking music lessons. When I was doing ministry work in church involving leading younger kids and teaching the kids about God, it was something that I really enjoyed because I found that with my personality I could present education in an enthusiastic way to younger people as they were able to listen attentively and have that willingness to learn. Experiencing this made me admire the whole philosophy behind teaching; being in a highly interactive and collaborative work environment. I decided at 17 that music teaching would be the right path for me as I enjoy working with young people and enjoy music. I see that it is really exciting to constantly have a big opportunity to bring young people to music and help them develop a love and passion for music like how my past music teachers have. 

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